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In A Game of You, the main character, Barbie, who was last seen in The Doll's House, lived in an apartment block with her transgender friend, Wanda Mann.

Wanda grew up on a farm in the midwest under the name Alvin Mann, living with extremely conservative parents.  At one stage when speaking about the past, Wanda stated that her parents told others that Alvin was dead whenever anyone asked about  their son.

After becoming involved in the Dreaming, Barbie and her friends learned that a storm, resulting from the witch Thessaly's spell, had killed Wanda. At the funeral, Barbie found Wanda buried under the name Alvin Mann; and when left alone, violenty obliterated the name Alvin and wrote the name Wanda on the tombstone.

Barbie later dreamed of Wanda and Death, who both wave goodbye to her.