It’s interesting how Neil Gaiman began the Sandman series before I was born, yet I still identify with it today. Me, a young woman in college who had never had any interest in comic books. Yet when I picked up Preludes and Nocturnes during Spring Break, I could not put it down.

The complexity of the plot intrigued me. The ties and relationships between characters touched me. And the deep character of Morpheus captivated me.

This week, I found this Wiki in a sad and neglected state. I invite you to join me in making it a treasure trove of Sandman lore. I plan on having new additions every week, and will post regular updates using this blog.

Originally, this Wiki had only 7 pages: Dream, Titania, Bast, Loki, the Endless, Current Events, and Sandbox. This week, I created brief pages for each of Dream’s siblings. I also updated the page for the Endless.

For April, I plan on creating a page for every character in the Sandman. I am also looking for pictures. Help would be greatly appreciated!

See you around,


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