Ruthven Sykes was as ruthless a man as Roderick Burgess, and the two men formed the leadership of Burgess' Order of Ancient Mysteries from it foundation until 1930. In that year, Sykes seduced Burgess' mistress, Ethel Cripps, and the pair fled the Order and England, but not before first stealing a number of treasures from the Order including the helmet, ruby, and pouch of sand taken from the mysterious figure summoned and trapped in the manor's cellar.

The pair fled to San Francisco, but knowing the self styled Daemon King, Burgess, would be hunting them, that "magical war was declared." Sykes petitioned a demon, Choronzon, for protection. The demon provided a talisman in exchange for the Dream Lord's helmet.

The demon's amulet proved its worth, protecting him from the malicious magics and rituals Burgess pursued hoping to kill him. In 1936, however, Ethel Cripps deserted him, taking the amulet with her. Burgess became aware almost instantly that his enemies protections had vanished and performed a spell that destroyed Sykes utterly.

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