Ruby Elisabeth DeLonge was born in Jamaica in 1962. Upon meeting Dream she told him; "You're a scary son of a bitch, mister. Cute as hell, but scary."  


She spoke 11 languages, was a practicing Catholic, an excellent cook, a mediocre cellist, a specialist in armed and unarmed combat, a virgin, and just shy of her thirtieth birthday. She wanted to be rich, not just well off, but appallingly rich. She wanted a white wedding, and she wanted it to mean something. She smoked five cigarettes a day, and promised herself she would quit entirely.

She worked as a chauffeur and VIP wrangler for Farrell Travel. She had been with them for seven years when she was assigned to Dream and Delirium's road trip to find Destruction, and that was her doom. Because of automatic functions Destruction had left to impede anyone who tried to find him, those that might aid in his discovery died. Ruby died when one of her carefully rationed cigarettes set her bed on fire, according to the firefighter: "Lady...smoking in bed, falls asleep, cigarette falls on to the bed. Whoompf."  She appeared in Brief Lives chapters 4 and 5.

At the conclusion of Brief Lives, Dream informed Lucien that Ruby had aided him in his journey and that she must be suitably rewarded.