Rachel appeared in Preludes and Nocturnes "Dream a Little Dream of Me."


Rachel after her addiction to the sand

She had once been a lover of  John Constantine.  In 1981, she had been living with him in a high rise flat in East Croyden when he went to Alaska for six months.  When he returned, she had gone, taking his television, his stereo, his Silver Surfer comic books, "...any old junk she could convert to money. And she'd long since converted the money to junk."  She had stolen a pouch as well, something Constantine had purchased at a garage sale in San Francisco.  He had known it had power, but had never succeeded in even opening it.  Rachel became obsessed with getting it open...eventually she succeeded.

She became addicted to the Dream-sand within.  She retreated to The Brambles, her father's house outside of London, and did nothing but indulge in the sand.  She dissolved it in her mouth, rubbed it on her skin, or breathed it in, but each time it gave her Dreams.  She no longer ate, she became emaciated, her hair fell out in clumps, she was covered in bed sores; her skin flaking and infected, but everything went away when the dreams came.  That was all she lived for.

Morpheus approached Constantine about the retrieval of the his pouch, and they tracked Rachel to her father's house.  The dreams had consumed her father, and were consuming her.  Morpheus banished the dreams, telling them they had exceeded their bounds, and he retrieved the pouch.  Rachel whimpered at the bag's removal, saying that she hurt.  Constantine told Dream he could not leave her as she was.  Dream said she would die soon, painfully, that the sand was all that had been keeping her alive.  Constantine insisted that she could not be left as she was.  Dream sent Constantine outside and used one last pinch of sand on Rachel giving her the dream of health and love and Constantine.  "She died peacefully, she died happy."