A location that appeared in World's End, chapter five: Cerements. An entire city on another plane devoted to disposing of its clients’ remains in a dignified manner according to their last wishes. Within Necropolis Litharge the citizens are apparently neither dead nor alive, but both. The Necropolitans celebrate the dead, take care of their bodies and guide their spirits to their destinations.

They know methods of burial from every culture and society and will take the best care of the corpses assigned to them. It is a mission that drives their lives. Citizens are apprenticed from a young age and those who don’t develop the skills to qualify for citizenship are sent out across the worlds to become great morticians. Citizens sleep on stone slabs, are fed by offerings from clients, and are clothed in garments left behind by the deceased.

It was indicated that there was an earlier Necropolis that failed to fulfill their duties and was therefore was destroyed by the Endless. Recently, the Necropolitan Petrefax left his duties in favor of adventure in other realms.

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