Mazikeen was introduced to Dream as a Daughter of Lilith in Season of Mists, indicating she was a demon kin of the Lillim. She served as both Lucifer's consort and assistant.

From the right side profile, Mazikeen appeared entirely human, a woman with long dark hair and fair skin, but the left side of her face appeared to have rotted away, exposing teeth, brain, bone. Her left eye was missing, and so apparently, was half her tongue, making her speech difficult to understand.

After Lucifer abdicated Hell, Mazikeen remained to the last, refusing to leave Lucifer's side before he forced her to, insisting that she wished to stay by his side forever. Lucifer, however, said he would be traveling alone. He took her knife, and then told her she was beautiful. When she was gone, Lucifer gave her knife to Dream and asked him to cut his wings off.

In the spin-off Lucifer series, she reappeared working in Lucifer's bar in Los Angeles.