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Hazel McNamara

Hazel is a minor character who appears in the main Sandman story arc as well as several of the spin-offs.

A Game of YouEdit

Hazel McNamara first appeared in the Sandman story arc, A Game of You. At the time, Hazel was a New York-based chef. She was introduced to Foxglove by her brother, Johnny, and fell in love at first sight.

The two women were new residents in the apartment building where Barbie resided. 

Death: The High Cost of LivingEdit

Hazel next appeared in the Sandman mini-series, Death:The High Cost of Living.

Foxglove had started to write music after the events in A Game of You. It was during one of Foxglove's gigs when a pregant Hazel first encountered the girl "Didi", who was there with 16 year old Sexton Furnival who was instrumental in getting a record company executive toseriously  consider Foxglove, foreshadowing the events in Death: The Time of Your Life.

Death: The Time of Your LifeEdit

Hazel also appeared in the Sandman spin-off comic, Death: The Time of Your Life, which picks up on the events in the previous mini-series.

Hazel and Foxglove have moved to Los Angeles so Foxglove can pursue her music career. Hazel gives birth to a boy, Alvie, just as Foxglove's career takes off. While Foxglove is away, Alvie falls from a second floor balcony. In desperation, Hazel makes a deal with Death - she will go with Death after one year if Death allows Alvie to live.

Around this time, Foxglove was beginning to believe that she didn't love Hazel anymore. She soon proved herself wrong, traveling  to Death's realm and offering herself in place of Hazel. Foxglove's bodyguard soon settled the issue.