The Fashion Thing is part of the Dreaming. A very minor character, she changes with the seasons as each new fad takes hold. She has been referred to as The Mad Mod Witch and The Mad Yuppie Witch.

At the time of her first appearance in Preludes and Nocturnes, Lucien related that "The Fashion Thing has been many things: Flapper...mod...punk...She was a 'Mad Madonna Witch' for a while. Last time I saw her she was the 'Mad Yuppie Witch.' But that was a year ago."

She was shown flying on her broom briefly in issue #2, while drinking a cocktail of "blood and Perrier", and shown riding her broom in a top hat and tails, and nothing else, in issue #22. She also appears in The Kindly Ones.

She is based on The Mad Mod Witch, created by Dave Wood and Jack Sparling for DC.

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