Ethel, 1930

Ethel Cripps was the mistress of Roderick Burgess. In 1930 she abandoned Burgess and fled England with his second in command, Ruthven Sykes. The pair stole some 200,000 pounds and several treasures from the Order including the helm, pouch, and ruby belonging to the Dream Lord.

In 1936, she abandoned Sykes, taking his protection amulet with her.  Without it, he was vulnerable to Burgess, who killed him almost immediately.

She was the mother of John Dee, who would later be known as Doctor Destiny. Ethel traveled to Gotham when she was 90 years old, "I have traveled over 8,000 miles to see him today," and gave him the Ruby stolen from Dream of the Endless, so he could use it to escape Arkham Asylum. She died shortly after passing on the stone.