Element Girl also known as Urania "Rainie" Blackwell, is a fictional DC Comics superhero who first appeared in The Sandman series in issue #20 (October, 1990) when  Death of The Endless helped her.

Death stated that she could not personally take  Blackwell, since Blackwell's immortality and powers had originated from the sun god Ra. Death revealed that Blackwell was one of many "metamorphae" created by Ra to battle the god Apep, "the serpent that never dies".

Death comments on the irony of this, stating that Apep is long dead. Death then tells Blackwell how to ask Ra to remove her "gift" of immortality, by looking straight into sun and asking him, and Blackwell finally dies, leaving behind a disintegrating husk of a body with an expression of pure joy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Element Girl could transform her body into any of the elements naturally found in the human body, and shape them at her will. She could change her hair color using metals, and she could create silicate faces that fell off after a while. She used the old faces for ashtrays. She said she once tried to transmute her body into flesh, but this experience ended badly, and she vowed never to try it again.

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