An angel, Duma is based upon the angel of silence in the Kabbalah, first appearing in The Sandman: Season of Mists, after Lucifer closed Hell and gave the key to Morpheus.

Eventually, after requests and demands from a multitude of entities for the property, a message is delivered to Dream via Remiel; "Hell cannot be entrusted to other than those who serve the Name directly...myself and Duma are to take over Hell."  Stunned by the edict, Remiel immediately rails against the decision, forcing Duma to be the one to actually accept the key from Dream.

Ashamed, Remiel told Dream "I cannot allow my fellow to drink form a cup I have refused. I will go with Duma." The pair then traveled to Hell and re-opened the gates, taking up their positions as caretakers.

Other AppearancesEdit

Duma later appeared in The Kindly Ones where Lucifer mentioned that he respected Duma. Remiel sourly told him that Duma, the angel of silence, can talk to Lucifer if he wants to.

He also appeared in The Wake and at Dream's funeral, he gets up to "speak", but maintained his silence, simply shedding a single tear, which effectively communicates his feelings to all those present.

He and Remiel reappear in the spin off series Lucifer, wherein Duma actually does speak when he defies Remiel, and said that Christopher Rudd was entitled to be the caretaker of Hell. Duma, who still had possession of the key to Hell, took it from around his neck and handed it over to Christopher. Remiel was shocked to hear him speak, and stated that he had forsaken God by breaking his silence. Duma retorted that he had chosen a new type of servitude and remained by Rudd's side as an adviser.