Calliope is one of the Muses of Greek mythology.

A writer named Richard Madoc took her captive, and as a result was given great ability in writing, but Calliope calls upon the triad of witches known by many names, such as the the Furies, the Kindly Ones, or the Gracious Ladies, for help. They direct her to Morpheus, who, we are told, was once her lover (this relationship is elaborated on later in the series), and who is currently similarly imprisoned.

Upon his release, he comes to rescue Calliope. Madoc, however, complains that without her, he will have no ideas, so Morpheus causes him to never stop having them, which drives him to madness.

Madoc's book, Her Wings appears in a few other stories by Neil Gaiman including The Last Temptation as a sort of inside joke. Rose Walker is later seen reading Fry's book "Here Comes a Candle". In the library of Dream, an unfinished book by Erasmus Fry, The Hand of Glory is seen in Season of Mists.

One of Madoc's works, The Spirit Who Had Half Of Everything, takes its name from an unused chapter title in an early draft of James Branch Cabell's Figures of Earth.

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