Bes was a fat, bearded dwarf, described as being an Egyptian household god.

In Season of Mists, Bes was one of the contingent from the ancient Egyptian pantheon to come to the Dreaming in order to petition for the key to Hell.  He is based upon the Egyptian mythological figure, Bes, also known as Bisu or Aha, who was both a household deity and a demon fighter who was patron of the home, childbirth, infants, humor, song, and dance. He protected women and children above all others. He had no temples and there were no priests serving in his name, but shrines to him were found in many homes.

In The Sandman, he was merely a cameo player, introduced to Dream merely as "a household deity," he appeared very briefly in #3 of Season of Mists and again very briefly in #5 where he told Bast to ignore the drunken Thor, and when the Egyptian contingent departs the Dreaming. He was never to reappear.

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